Scientific Presentation A (1 day)

Scientific Presentation A2020-02-06 09:00 - 17:00 (Thu)MPI Dev Bio - Seminar room 0.A.01Melanie Lynn Conrad
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Target group: 
PhD students
Presentation skills in the academic context. In this workshop you will learn to identify the goals for your presentation, get prepared (with tips on creating well-designed academic slides to support your oral presentations), then through exercises and role-plays you will be familiarized with established presentation techniques. Dealing with tricky situations will also be covered. This workshop is being offered twice: the content of workshop A and workshop B is identical.

During the workshop you will give a short presentation of your PhD topic and get feedback (including use of video-taping) on the structure and delivery.

About the tutor: 
Melanie Lynn Conrad was born in Vancouver. She holds a PhD in immunogenetics from the University of Victoria, Canada and is presently working as a junior group leader at the Charité, Berlin, studying reproductive immunology.