Faculty Recruitment at German Universities (2 days)

Faculty Recruitment at German Universities (2 days)2020-06-29 10:00 - 16:00 (Mon)Schwarzkopf, Matthias
Faculty Recruitment at German Universities (2 days)2020-06-30 10:00 - 16:00 (Tue)Schwarzkopf, Matthias
Target group: 
Tina Peart
Participants will learn the single steps of the selection process of professors in Germany (Berufungsverfahren). They will learn how to prepare their written application, their presentation, the discussion with the committee and – if needed – the teaching test. --> This workshop will take place online - Registration is open until 22nd June!

·      What is the German way to select professors for universities? What is the legal background for these processes?

·      What is the difference between Juniorprofessor, Tenure-Professorships, and W2 and W3-professorships?

·      How should I read and interpret job offers for professorships?

·      What are the usual parts of the written application? How could I structure it?

·      How do I prepare the presentation? What are the special difficulties if the audience is composed of professors, students and PostDocs?

·      How should I act in the discussion with the committee?

·      How to prepare the teaching test?

·      How could I deal with difficult situations?

·      Outlook: if they take me: how to prepare the negotiations concerning working conditions and salary?

We will practice the discussion and the presentation or whatever is most relevant for the group. Participants will have the opportunity to practice one of these two parts in the role “applicant”. Therefore, you are asked to bring some slides with you, which show your actual research. If you have already prepared a written application or parts of it for a (Junior-)Professorship, you are invited to bring it with you to the course and to receive feedback by the other participants and by the lecturer.

About the tutor: 
Dr. Matthias Schwarzkopf is a coach and trainer for scientists. He is cofounder of karriereberatung-akademiker.de and has been responsible for accompanying the process of appointing professors (Berufungsverfahren) at Jena University for several years.