Life hacks for first year PhD students

Life hacks for first year PhD students - Day 12020-11-13 09:00 - 13:00 (Fri)OnlineSigurdardottir, Dagmar
Life hacks for first year PhD students - Day 22020-11-20 09:00 - 13:00 (Fri)OnlineSigurdardottir, Dagmar
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PhD students
Dagmar Sigurdardottir
Starting a PhD means more than just carrying out research all day: It also includes learning to take charge of your project, optimizing your time in and outside the lab, dealing with other scientists and keeping up with your research field. In this workshop, you will explore different avenues to self-discovery and self-management and develop your personal life hacks tool kit so you can make the most out of your PhD.

 In this workshop you will

  • Hone your eye towards making the most out your experiments
  • Develop a personal “First Year” plan
  • Strategize your communication with your advisor
  • Explore different ways of keeping up with the literature
  • Discover how to identify your stress level and come up with an emergency stress management plan



About the tutor: 
Dagmar Sigurdardottir is the coordinator of the Tuebingen International PhD Program at the MPI for Developmental Biology.