Preparing your 1st TAC

Preparing your 1st TAC30.11.2021 10:00 - 11:00 (Tue)OnlineSibylle Patheiger
Target group: 
PhD students

In this interactive session we will discuss what you need to do and prepare to make the most of your first Thesis Advisory Committee (TAC). 

The TAC forms an important part of your PhD. The regular evaluation by a team with varied scientific expertise helps you to make the most out of your project, and the regular meetings aim to help with motivation and staying on track.

The role of the TAC is to help you accomplish ambitious research aims and get the maximum benefit from your doctoral training. The TAC does this by:

  • guiding you through each stage of your research with individual feedback and advice. 
  • offering expertise, broad experience, and dedicated guidance
  • advising on suitable training and continuing professional development
  • supporting you in effectively planning your future careers or acting as a referee

 This workshop covers TACs as they are done in the IMPRS from Molecules to Organisms and the Tübingen International PhD Program in Biological Sciences.

About the tutor: 
Sibylle Patheiger is PhD Programme Coordinator at the MPI for Developmental Biology.