Time and Self Management

Time and Self Management - Day 117.04.2023 08:30 - 16:00 (Mon)OnlineDr. Matthias Mayer
Time and Self Management - Day 224.04.2023 08:30 - 16:00 (Mon)OnlineDr. Matthias Mayer
Target group: 
PhD students
Elisabeth Weir

Fundamental requirements for good time management

  • Goal setting and maintaining a long-term plan
  • Making decisions and developing initiative
  • Keeping yourself motivated
  • Being both effective and efficient

Essential time-management techniques

  • Time planning on 3 horizons: master plan, weekly and daily
  • Setting priorities (Eisenhower Method, Pareto Principle)
  • Finding your balance: research – job – private life
  • Getting rid of personal time-killers
  • Using high concentration techniques
  • Making use of your day in the best possible way
  • Controlling your inner state using relaxation techniques
  • Supporting your time management with proper tools
  • Addressing your individual questions and topics
About the tutor: 
Dr. Matthias Mayer received his PhD in Computer Science (Univ. of Hamburg) and his Diploma in Visual Communication (HFBK Hamburg). As a Computer Scientist he knows both about process optimization and about digital tools to support working processes. Good time management always was essential for him. Years of project coordination and leadership gave him a thorough foundation in self-management, professional communica- tion and team processes. Being highly experienced in Visual Communication he can support the development of any kind of visual presentations. Since 2004 he is leading “Matthias Mayer Seminars & Coaching”, giving him a lot of experience with very heterogeneous audiences. His special insights in science and re- lated communication resulted in cooperation with many Graduate Academies and research institutions all over Europe. His education as NLP-Bachelor and -Master as well as a special training in interactive online webinars complete his qualification. Recently he concentrated the services for scientists by founding the young scientists’ academy.